Forklift training is mandatory for companies or people who want to become a forklift operator

How a forklift works

How  a forklift works
The purpose of the use of a forklift is to ease removal and decrease the load. It is necessary for stability when the forklift to receive the load. Although on the face of a forklift operator also must know in general how a forklift works.

Forklift usually use a diesel engine as the primary engine to 1500 rpm engine speed. Rounds on this machine will move the oil pump from the main tank to be pumped and will go to the control valve. In the control valve has the two main valves and valve lift valve Tilt.
The purpose of the valve lift is to set out the entry on the cylindrical shaft of the elevator so that the forklift can raise and lower the load.
While the tilt function valve serves to regulate the entry and exit to the tilt cylindrical shaft to tilt the mast crane.

If the oil was supplied to the bottom of the cylindrical shaft will move to the outer cylindrical elevator. This can be done by controlling the valve lift so that its position to the right. Oil will flow to the bottom so that the cylindrical elevator shaft will be lifted and the oil contained in the top of the cylindrical elevator going to the main tank.
This piston movement can be stopped with a return to the middle position of valve lift. While the lift control valve can cause the piston to the left fence put back. Because of the heavy loads and loads resulting fork piston will push the oil in the cylindrical elevator will be out. Speed ​​out of this oil can be controlled by the down control valve and safety valve.

Fork on the forklift to the holder base load function. Forks mounted on the frame and also serves to mask underpinned. Fork assembly attached to one end of the chain and the other tied to a pole backer. It also moves along the chain pulleys attached to the upper end of the cylindrical elevator shaft. If the pulleys spin will cause the interest of one end of the cylindrical shaft of the elevator. With the pulleys causing rotation of the fluid pressure causes the attraction of one end attached to the outer mask.
Because of the bound chains and pulleys will spin up and down the drag force that arises due to the chain. While the other end of the chain will move backrest and a fork lift will move up to a maximum height.

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