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Industrial forklift batteries

Industrial forklift batteriesMaintenance for batteries must be understood to avoid in order not to spend your money unnecessarily. In addition, you also must understand the correct procedure for charging the battery. Especially if you use an electric forklift battery would require a very heavy and too expensive.
Batteries also need to care properly and maintenance. For that you need to get the most out of the money you spend on the battery.
Forklift operators should also be understood to maintain and charge the battery properly.

One of the simplest treatment and should be done is to clean the terminals. You can clean the terminals with a sprinkle the top with baking soda and fresh water. Then cleaned with a wire brush to remove any corrosion that may exist. Make sure all clean by washing the top.

The acidity of the battery must also be kept. You can use a hydrometer to measure the acidity. This battery water should have a 30% sulfuric acid and 70% water. You must maintain a balance concentration. This can be done to restore the required concentration by using a hydrometer to measure the concentration at the time. After corresponding to the concentration required you to connect to the power source connection for the past eight hours.

Then you measure the battery voltage with a voltmeter. If an unexpected voltage means there is something wrong some of the cells in the battery. There is a possibility some of the battery cell is damaged.
To do refurbishing industrial batteries must be a professional or who has had the experience to handle different types of batteries.
It can be dangerous because the industry has a high-voltage battery.

Make sure also the percentage charge on the battery forklift properly. Battery charging should not be to every day because it prevents charge on the battery itself. You can do a forklift battery charging when power is less than 20%.

For the safety of all charging battery should have an emergency, especially in the eye wash, because the acidity of the battery and the washing should be accomplished in less than ten seconds.
In their work should also use eye protection, rubber gloves and thick to protect from corrosion-resistant acid splashes suddenly.
Work place should also have adequate ventilation so that workers do their work comfortably.
All tasks performed must be furnished in writing and detailing each step.
If workers handle battery the system must operate in accordance with the instructions, especially with the use of safety equipment.
Industrial forklift batteries it includes all the equipment and also the policy behind it.

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  1. I think that the forklift that my company has need a new battery. I have been trying to tell them this. But they just want to wait it out as long as they can.



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